Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What I'm Watching

A slight upgrade in my cable system has changed my TV viewing habits. There's so much more to see now!

Heroes remains a fave of course (and I hope the strikers will win so we can see more this season), and joining it in the lineup of must-see are:

Justice League

And the show which is currently taking up way too much of my time, Ninja Warrior (Sasuke). (I think there may be a book there somewhere.)

More on the middle two in my blog soon -- I think.

Time to watch some TV.

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TheWriteJerry said...

We just got HD television here, and some of the new channels have caught my eye. There's the Kung Fu Channel, which is all Kung Fu movies all of the time, and Monster HD, which can be hit and miss in its horror offerings. Plus, there are several channels that carry documentaries, usually filmed in exotic locales that just make your mouth water.