Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There are two classic movies in this collection -- White Zombie and Night of the Living Dead -- and two that I hadn't seen, which is why I picked up the set.  I figured since the description described it as a joint release with Shout Factory, the quality would be very good.

Sad to say, the quality of the prints is not so great.  They look like transfers off of VHS tape.  Nor do any of them have chapter breaks.  That's right, each film is one long chapter.  There are no extras.  (And there is no indication Shout Factory actually worked on this box.  Oops, Amazon!)  Here's a breakdown:

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD -- Print looks very washed out, and I have better copies, so I didn't watch it and don't know if it's complete or not.

WHITE ZOMBIE -- Again, print is very faded.  Audio may have been marginally better than the usual public domain copies, but there were at least 2 breaks (not in the usual copies) with a few seconds missing.  Can't recommend this print for collectors.

OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES -- Print looks okay, but it's letterboxed within a 4/3 frame (not anamorphic) -- which adds to my perception that these are merely tape transfers.  I'm watching it now, and if it's good, I may have to seek another source with a better print.  It did seem to skip a bit during the nudity/gore scenes.  Not sure how much may be missing.

REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES -- Probably the best print of the bunch, and it seemed complete.  Since this doesn't seem widely available, I guess it was worth picking up the set to have it, but only because I'm a Monster Kid and B-Movie nut, and it has John Carradine and Mantan Moreland.

The tin is a very nice thing, and the movies themselves are good.  Too bad the quality of the transfers is not better.  Might be a nice "starter kit" for these