Saturday, April 12, 2008

IS IT REAL? Extreme Sleepwalking

National Geographic Channel - Original Air Date: 2005-7

Can you kill someone in your sleep?  This edition of Is It Real? looks at parasomnia and other sleep-related and sleepwalking disorders.  There are many causes of sleepwalking, but lack of proper sleep tops the list, according to this show. Alcohol and stress are also factors.  The show studies several people who have sleep problems, including sleep walking, sleep talking, and sleep eating (all parasomnias).  It's amazing what some of these people do while asleep -- very complex actions, like opening locked doors and preparing food.  One man drove 14 miles and killed his mother-in-law (he was acquitted), another stabbed his wife 47 times and drowned her (he was convicted).  Clearly some people do strange and amazing things in their sleep.  But, whether murder is one, or sleepwalking is just a killer's clever defense?  Even after this show's examination, the jury is still out.

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Anonymous said...

While watching this story on TruTV, it was clearly a case OF EXTREME HATE AND RACISM by and wherein Juan Martinez (Hispanic,) the assistant county attorney hired only Hispanic experts to prosecute a white middle class, perhaps upper middle class man.

It was strikingly amazing to see that there was a clear separation of BROWN Vs. WHITE. All the defendants hired counsel and experts were white and it was just the opposite for the prosecution.

Although the JURY had the final say and found the sleepwalker guilty IT was very difficult to watch such obvious racism and hate coming from the Prosecutor.

THIS evil man needs many prayers.

BTW: I am a half breed and my father was Mexican, my mother - polish. I GREW up watching this very same kind of hate and racism coming from my fathers family toward my Mom and us children. I know what I know. I experienced it first hand.

The PROSECUTOR is evil on so many levels.