Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MONSTERQUEST: Gigantic Killer Fish 2

History Channel - Original Air Date: 5/6/09

The question this week is: Are gigantic killer fish lurking in America's waters?  Giant groupers have been seen off the Florida coast; old and very impressive photos show the species before it was fished almost to extinction.  A diver (seen, I think in other MQ shows), talks of his encounter a juvenile Goliath Grouper; he suffered a bad bite.  MQ sends a team to look for such a fish.  They find a very aggressive moray eel and, eventually, some larger groupers.  They chase the fish, estimated at 300 pounds each, into a reef, but can't get closer. In Minnesota, a boy in shallow water is attacked by a large muskie (a thin, pike-like fish); in Wisconsin a man found a set of fish jaws that indicate a fish well over 5 feet long. A third man has video of a netted muskie biting his arm savagely. Another MQ team goes ice fishing for these monsters with special lures, camera traps, and even an ROV.  They catch some aggressive fish and see some others on camera, but no monsters.  They do, however, almost lose the ROV beneath the ice when their power source fails.  They also get a tantalyzing sonar hit of a fish perhaps five feet long, but they can't get a picture.  As happens often on this show, the MQ hunters come close, but we end up only with a story of the one that got away.

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