Friday, November 6, 2009

DESTINATION TRUTH - Chullachaqui & Bermuda Triangle

SyFy - Original Air Date: 10/14/09

First, up, the Josh & the DT team go to look for a gremlin like creature, the Chullachaqui, in the jungles of Peru.  They take Rob & Dustin from GHI with them in an apparent "investigator exchange."  In the jungle, the locals are definitely afraid of the creature, and one even claims that the creature killed his friend. Naturally, the team hears noises in the night jungle -- a jungle filled with snakes and big cats.  They don't catch, and their camera traps have only blurs.  Teeth and prints they find turn out to be from wild pigs -- which Josh speculates may be the source of some of the rumors.

Next, the team brings their high-tech gear to bear on the well known mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.  They decide to fly a charter plane through known points where people have vanished previously.  Josh brings gear to measure EMF, so he can chart and then re-fly through any anomalies.  Near Bimini, they get strange EMF readings and trouble with their compass.  Tagging 3 spots on the island, they set out on foot to investigate.  Finding nothing, come nightfall, they head out on the water -- and experience strange malfunctions of their electronic gear (and even the boat motor).  Then, one of the crew gets lost.  Eventually, he turns up, but Josh concludes that strange things happen on Bimini, and perhaps there's something to the Triangle.

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