Sunday, October 10, 2010

Solving History with Olly Steeds - Lost City of Gold

Planet Green - Original Air Date: Unknown

The search for El Dorado goes back to the conquest of the Americas by Europeans.  This show looks at the histories, checks out legends and stories -- including one that the Vatican is covering up the lost city's location -- and trudges through the mountains looking for clues and Incan treasure.  In the rarefied air of the Andes, host Olly starts wondering if perhaps, when you come this far and worked this hard, your brain starts wanting the legend to be true, and you start seeing connections where there may be none. Indeed, this seems a plausible explanation, though the team is still finding ancient Incan roads -- leading to who knows where -- when the expedition runs out of time and supplies.  Olly concludes that it's possible that somewhere in this unknown region a lost city still exists.  I, for one, hope people keep looking.  This program serves as a good primer on the legend of El Dorado and is entertaining throughout.

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