Friday, August 31, 2012

DESTINATION TRUTH - Vampire Monsters; Island of the Damned

SyFy - Original Air Date: 8/7/2012

The show follows its usual format of traveling, talking to local residents, witnesses, and experts, and then tromping around in the dark (and sometimes the day) looking for clues.  First up this week is searching for vampires, which Josh describes as local chupacabras, in Transylvania (southern Romania).  They get spooked by shadows in ruins and caves, and catch what might be a wolf on their cameras. They also find dog, cow, and goat bones, as well as the tooth of a cave bear.  But no vampires.

Next, it's off to Sweden to search for the ghosts of witches on Bla Jungfrun island.  They fly to Sweden, boat to the island, and poke around, mostly in the dark.  They follow "voices" that nearly lead them off a seaside cliff, and they get spooked by shadows in a cabin.  They get nothing on camera inside, but they catch an EVP they think says "leave now" in Swedish. Outside, they get an "orb" "floating" over a stone labyrinth (pattern), but the "orb" looks like a reflection of some type to me.  So, again, nothing concrete, but a lot of running around in the dark, scaring themselves.  How much you enjoy this depends on how much you enjoy Josh, or how hot you think Ryder is.

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