Sunday, March 24, 2013

FINDING BIGFOOT: Bigfoot and the Redhead

Animal Planet - Original Air Date: 3/3/2013

The team heads to Pennsylvania to check out a film made by teenage go-karters.  The show follows the usual format: interview witnesses, night investigation, camp out (Bobo), town hall, more witnesses, and final night investigation.  The footage, from 2012, shows a shadowy figure striding through the forest with a gait similar to the Patterson film.  It reminds Ranae of similar footage from Indiana, which she believes to be a hoax.  In a re-creation, Bobo looks bigger than the supposed bigfoot; hoax seems likely to all the team -- and they suspect one of the teens talking to them of being the guy in the "suit."  They then go to a remote island area (near where the famous Jacobs trail cam "juvenile bigfoot" photos were taken) for their night investigation.  They see eye-shine, and Bobo is convinced enough that he and Cliff heard a bigfoot, that Bobo stays behind to camp out and investigate.  (Though he only finds other howling 'Squatchers.)

The rest meet a kid who has very compelling bigfoot testimony, and spend a lot of time talking to him.  Even Ranae is impressed, though she wonders if his imagination as gotten hthe better of him.  In their final investigation, the crew decides to play whale songs in an attempt to lure in curious bigfoots.  Despite hearing the usual sounds and false starts in the dark, they come away with no firm evidence.

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