Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Good Gygax Article

Here's the article running on Google News about Gary:

Arstechnica Article

It's very good. Gary's feelings about 60 Minutes were also my own. I was at TSR when that piece was done, and what made it onto the air reflected neither what Gary had said nor what was actually happening with the game at the time. The "news story" was merely an attempt to cash in on the game's notoriety and, perhaps, fan the flames. (A letter read on the air the following week took the 60 Minutes crew to task for falling into the trap of sensationalism.) I've taken everything from major news organizations with a big grain of salt ever since -- especially since 60 Minutes is supposed to be the best of them.

If you want to see Gary as I remember him, I'd suggest checking out the special features on the 2nd D&D movie. There's a nice interview there, and the film is quite good, too. (Far better than the first one.)

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Jonathan Coke said...

Stephen, you might remember me from the warehouse at TSR. I was there from '81 - '83 before I went over to Mayfair Games in Chicago.
I dropped out of Callege at Ball State in Muncie to go up to Lake Geneva. Dungeons & Dragons was a big thing for me in highschool. My friend Mark Acres got me started in war games by showing me how to play the Avalon Hill Panzer Leader game my mom had given me one birthday. And that's how I made the move to fantasy games and Lake Geneva.
I only met Gary once, but his influence was huge. When I heard about his passing, I remembered things I haven't thought about for years. It is indeed like a fantasy memory that I lived in that world.
I'd wondered if there would be a memorial or virtual gathering at this time. I'm in Alaska, so it's great that you are keeping this blog. It gives me the chance to reach back into time and touch base with the others from that time of our lives. Thanks Steve.
To those who were much closer to Gary as a person, I am sorry for your loss. It's hard to know what to say. My life was positively affected by his life. It may be of some small consolation at the time of his passing.
Jonathan Coke -
Homer, Alaska