Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IS IT REAL? Superhuman Powers

National Geographic Channel - Original Air Date: 2005-6

Again, this is not the show to watch if you're looking to validate your beliefs in the supernatural.  Can people levitate, knock others without touching them, perform other supernatural feats?  This IIR looks into Chi and other mystery powers.  They consult a pressure point master who claims that he can not only knock anyone out with one finger, but can also do so only by throwing his Chi at them.  They test not only those claims, but also those of dervish mystics who pierce their bodies with knives and needles.  They look at yogic flying, fire walking, and other such feats.  A skeptic in India tests a "god man" astrologer who sends his clients to purchase expensive "cures" for their psychic ails; strangely, despite his godly powers, the god man doesn't realize that he's being set up, also strangely all his clients need the same expensive cure for their imaginary ailments.  Mostly, the so-called superhuman powers seem to be explained by well known phenomena like high pain tolerance, self-hypnosis, and suggestion.  Nothing is discovered that a good, non-paranormal sideshow performer can't duplicate.

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