Thursday, June 26, 2008


History Channel - Original Air Date: 6/11/08

The show goes to Lizzy Borden's house and talks to ghost hunters, witnesses, and hired scientific experts.  The show says that more than a third of Americans believe in ghosts. Does a famous film really show ghosts marching across a Gettysburg battlefield?  Are any photos of ghosts real?  Did a ghost move a video camera set in the Borden house? The show tackles such questions using state-of-the-art equipment and expert analysis.  A Vatican "ghost" turns out to be merely a shirt on a pole (used by a tour guide).  A gas station "ghost" looked to this viewer more like an out of focus bug or piece of debris -- though the experts are reluctant to say for sure (though all debris close to the lens ends up being blue).  An expert points out that people who need answers more, are more likely to believe in the paranormal.  The amount of equipment set up in the Borden house is impressive, including a top of the line Fleer thermal camera (similar to the one on Ghost Hunters).  Will they recreate any of the many "anomalies" of the house?  An expert believes the Gettysburg film looks like reflections -- possibly a hoax, Naturally, the creator denies any such shenanigans.  All the photo equipment in the Borden house gets nothing (save for a warm toy box and a cold wall).  The EVPs prove somewhat more interesting -- though why the voice says "Sooo..." and what it means remains a mystery.  The program concludes, without much evidence, that "something strange was happening in the Borden house."

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