Wednesday, June 4, 2008

UFO HUNTERS - Hist. - The NASA Files

History Channel - Original Air Date: 5/7/08

Is NASA keeping proof of UFOs from the public?  If you've followed this show this far, you probably know that to ask the question is to forecast the conclusion.  "What do we have to do to prove that there's a UFO cover-up in Nasa?" the team leader asks. Since the early days of space exploration, strange objects have appeared in NASA footage and photos, but NASA has no official policies on UFOs.  An early report, the Condon Report, dismisses any need to investigate further; they conclude there is no defense significance to UFOs.  Of course, the "investigators' on this show take issue with that report.  The show then details the history of NASA UFO sightings.  Pictures taken and things seen are explained by NASA as space junk or reflections, though one astronaut believes he may have photographed a secret defense satellite.  As usual, this show reads sinister motives(and cover-ups) into conversations between astronauts and controllers.  The team interviews a supposed ex-NASA worker who believes she saw NASA suppress evidence of UFOs.  She claims that NASA airbrushed a disc-shaped object out of a satellite photo of a ground survey.  (The idea that perhaps this was a secret project or installation is never explored by the show.)  She claims to have been intimidated not to reveal her information.  Of course, she has no evidence.

The team then visits a science center, Wonder Works, to explore the theory that some of these things are reflections, ice from the space ship's exterior, or other similar phenomena.  The elaborate experiment shows that the view outside can be distorted by the 4-5 panes of glass in spaceship windows and the play of light and shadow.  There is not only debris outside the craft, but also debris in the panels.  This seems a very convincing explanation for most of the photos and films taken from inside the craft.  But what about from outside?  One strange object seems to reverse direction and change speed.  The shows expert seems to think this is some kind of orbital arc, though the team leader disagrees.  Another shuttle film seems to show an object changing direction, and streaks of light shooting up from the earth.  Did the retro rocket cause the one object (ice?) to move?  But why does the object pause in its flight?  As usual, the show reads great importance into small details.  "It stops.  That means there's some intelligent control going on," declares the team leader.  Is this some kind of a weapons test?  Or is NASA shooting at UFOs?  When a tether breaks away from the shuttle, why do glowing objects seem to circle it?  The shows experimental producer shows that the apparent discs are merely unfocused debris, reflecting the shape of the lens taking their picture.  The orbiting is explained as just an optical illusion.  One former astronaut believes that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe (though he doesn't say this life is in UFOs); another believes there have been cover-ups since the beginning of the space program.  Astronauts are known for their credibility -- at least they were until the recent stalker incident.  Does that mean their opinions are more valid on this subject than most?  The show seems to think so.  (But I'm not so sure.)  This episode of the series has had some of the best scientific experimentation and explanations seen in this show, though the program is still filled with unsupportable statements by believers (including the team leader).  Overall, if you want to watch one episode of this show, this one wouldn't be too bad a place to start.

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