Saturday, June 16, 2012

FACT OR FAKED: Florida Woodland UFO; Black Forest Entity

SyFy - Orignal Air Date: 6/5/2012

After two very strong shows, the team is back, and views but does not investigate: New Year's Eve Alien, in which an "alien" face" appears in the side of a frame of a fireworks show.  The crew declares it a likely puppet hoax.  Couch Cushion Casper seems to show strange mist, couch cushions being indented by invisible legs, and objects flying off a table.  But Austin points out the rest of the cushion doesn't move, therefore, it's CGI, wires, and other hoax gimmicks.  Oahu UFO is merely reflections in a car window though which the video was shot.

Florida Woodland UFO shows 3 mysterious lights moving through the trees in a swampy area.  The team goes to the sighting area and tests ATVs (not large/close enough), flares (not close enough together; too difficult to control), and a fan-boat with lights.  The boat is a very close match, though the fan-boat made noise, and the witness claimed to have heard none.  Still, they conclude the video is most likely a boat.  Then the team sets up cameras for a night investigation in this UFO hot spot.  Devin spots some "lights" on the IR that then mysteriously vanish.  They then spot a mysterious light in the woods, and a mysterious flying light on their main full-spectrum camera.  They're not sure what either light is, but I wish they'd investigate whether a bird or bat could cause that kind of blip on the main camera.  Still, they've done a good job explaining the original video.

Black Forest Entity shows strange snaky "lights" flying through the woods near a supposedly haunted house, and then a strange glowing orb-like thing within that "bursts." The Lee family, which owns the place, is moving out, so this may be the last investigation of their house.  Though it's winter, the team sets up a simulated "firefly," which turns out to be a match for the "spirit entities" flying through the woods.  (What a shock. Another "investigator" that knows zip about the camera s/he's using.)  The second video seems most likely a hoax, so they set up a bubble-blower and fill the bubbles with dry ice mist.  (They burst the bubbles with a pellet gun.)  But their orbs are actually better looking than the original. Could it be a lens flare from a sparkler, a lighter, or something else hot?  Better, but still not quite right.  (Honestly, though, the original looks like some kind of light bulb to me, and whatever it is seems clearly hand held in its motion.)  So, they set up a ghost hunt to see if they can find a supernatural explanation.  They catch a strange flash of light in the attic and accompanying pop on the audio recorder, and Ben gets knocked to the floor by a mysterious force. They call the case "fact," and I believe they had strange things happen, but I remain unconvinced by the original videos.

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