Thursday, June 21, 2012

UFOs Best Evidence Caught on Tape 2

Biography Channel (though probably aired somewhere else originally) - Original Air Date: Unknown

The show starts with an object they admit is likely just a lighted sky sculpture (from a nearby show) and then goes downhill from there.  They have just enough "analysis" (some of it by decent sources) to make you think they've examined the rest of the "evidence" and found it credible.  They haven't.  This show and its videos are pure bullshit.  They don't even bother to point out the obvious reflections of a light on glass, calling it rather "a monster UFO near the World Trade Center," and they then wonder why no one seems to remark on it in the video.  Because it's a reflection, dipshits.  And the rest of the evidence is just as much crap.  Jonathan Frakes should be ashamed for narrating this piece of shit.  Seldom have I felt so thoroughly bamboozled by a UFO show, and there area lot of bullshit UFO shows out there.  There is nothing to learn here, nothing at all.  Don't waste your time on this.  Let my suffering be an example to you.

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