Sunday, February 17, 2013

FINDING BIGFOOT: More Untold Stories

Animal Planet - Original Air Date: 2/17/2013

Another behind-the-scenes show with Matt, Cliff, Ranae, and Bobo, in which their producer, Keith Hoffman, talks with them about making the series.  They spend quite a bit of time talking about this season's overseas adventures (Indonesia, Australia) and various mishaps.  Ranae reveals that the "solo" camp-outs are actually two people -- a host and a camera person --which we probably all figured (though it could have been more crew), and that all of the team forced the show to include the camp outs: to have fewer people tromping around the wilderness (trying to attract shy animals).  The team all express their dislike of hoaxers. ("Death sentence" declares Bobo.)  They also talk about firing a producer who tried to lure Bobo into the woods by knocking on a tree (which resulted in Bobo hurting his knee, falling down steps in the dark).  They also talk about all of them being skeptical (though obviously Ranae moreso).  Matt talks quite a bit about how to tell fake videos from real -- though, personally, I think they could do a whole show on this.  Cliff talks about his bigfoot print collection.  They also talk with Professor of Folklore Dr. Lynne S. McNeill from Utah State University, who gives some historical context of the sasquatch legends and stories.  (The stories are old and cross cultural.)  Overall, this is an interesting outing, and it's nice to see the group talk candidly about their adventures.  In fact, I wish the series had more of this kind of candor, and less formula bigfoot hunting.

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