Friday, November 21, 2008

Michelle Update

Here's an update about Michelle & her family (from her sister, who works in comics):

* Michelle has gotten her baby's body and had had the funeral. Real-life is weirder than anything I can come up with in the comic book. Michelle and her husband Rhene were arguing (once again) with the Hospital powers-that-be, when a Doctor RECOGNIZED Michelle from our appearance together in FHM magazine. The Doctor actually brought the magazine to her asking her to sign it -- as she was grieving! The upside to this? The Hospital administrators said, "Oh...she's kind ofa celebrity? Maybe she's good for the money." And they released baby Reinee's body to her -- but not before they had her write three post-dated checks, essentially giving her another two months or so to pay the debt.

* Thanks to some wonderful people contributing, we've raised over $3,800.00 toward the $9,000.00+ that Michelle needs. The first person to contribute was STAN LEE! Several Glass House Graphics artists contributed anywhere from $10 to $500. Some of the biggest fans of BANZAI GIRLS also contributed (you know who you are). One amazing fan contributed $1,000.00!!

We're still hoping to reach the $9,000.00 point and pay off Reinee's hospital and funeral bills.

We approached "The Hero Initiative" for help. They said, "We'll look into it and get back to you," but they never did follow-up.

Thank you to all who have contributed!


I'm sure they'll still acccept donations at:

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