Sunday, November 23, 2008

UFO HUNTERS - First Contact: Aurora, Texas

History Channel - Original Air Date: 11/19/08

A brief review, as this is another in the UFO Hunters' "mythos" shows -- with lots of story, speculation, and theory, and no real (incontrovertible) evidence.  The team goes to Texas to investigate an 1897 incident in which a UFO allegedly hit a windmill on a ranch.  The ranch's well water was said to be contaminated, and an alien body was supposedly buried in a nearby cemetery.  The end result is that the team discovers the well was closed for non-alien reasons, though there was metal (aluminum -- possibly from the windmill) found there and in the property.  An ancient tree also sets off a metal detector (possibly from "molten debris" embedded in its wood), and ground-penetrating radar seems to indicate an umarked grave in the spot indicated by legend.  Unfortunately, the team doesn't have authority to dig up the alleged grave.  So, again, a lot of poking around and speculating, but little else.  If you like UFO stories and little or no proof, this show remains the one for you.


Avinash Machado said...

Well actually they concluded it was not an alien UFO crash, but an early man made airship.They also claimed that the alleged martian was an human being.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Hmm. I don't remember them reaching those conclusions, but a lot was going on as I was reviewing that show. So, maybe... Usually, UFO Hunters is very reluctant to give non-paranormal explanations. Sorry if I missed it when they went all "normal" for once.

Avinash Machado said...

Hi Stephen

You can watch the video of this episode on my blog. Listen to what Bill Birnes says at the end.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

You're right, Avinash. I caught the end of that show on rerun the other night, and Bill does say what you contended earlier. My only excuse is that I was reviewing that episode at a very busy time, and hadn't intended to post a review at all. Somehow, I completely missed his statement, and didn't catch any info on the show that supported it, either. I'll try to watch the show again on your blog if/when I have time -- sooner if you can point me to the spot/time where the info supporting Bill's conclusion is given. Thanks.