Sunday, February 24, 2008


National Geographic Channel - Original Air Date: Unknown

This show carefully examines the conspiracy theories regarding whether the Apollo astronauts actually landed on the moon.  Conspiracy theorists insist that the landings were a hoax, and they have all manner of "evidence" to prove it.  Evidence includes "anomalies" in existing moon photos, and theories as to what would "actually" happen on the moon, if people had really landed there: for instance,according to theorists, the LEM's rocket system should have dug a crater in the moon dust.  The show looks at the theorists claims one by one, and thoroughly debunks them.  Largely, the people proposing the theories have neither the scientific nor the photographic expertise to know what they're talking about.  This show proves that the theorists' "common sense" approach to what should happen on the moon is just not sensible, and it proves this time and time and time again.  Yet, the theorists hold to their theories, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  Mystery hunters of all stripes -- cryptozoologists, UFO hunters, ghost busters -- should take note; when you stubbornly hold to your beliefs despite the facts, you harm both your own reputation and that of others in your field.  Ignore the facts enough times, and soon you'll have no more credibility than the people who insist that astronauts never landed on the moon.  All investigators would do well to remember Occam's Razor: All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.

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