Thursday, February 14, 2008

Creating Uncanny Radio

A bit of blogging about creating Uncanny Radio.  With two shows now aired, Linda Godfrey and I continue to learn about putting a radio show together.  Every time we go into the studio, we learn a little more.  In the first two (with guests Stan Brown and Nick Redfern) the recording levels were a bit erratic -- my mic too loud, linda's too soft, the music levels inconsistent.  Fortunately, the guests came through loud and clear.  I think we've got most of that licked now, and the next show should be a bit easier on the ears.  One of the tricks is the mic I use is very sensitive, but Linda's isn't.  So i can sit a foot away from it and still max out the levels accidentally, while Linda can sit right on top of hers and still sound like she's whispering.  I think we've got that sussed now, though.  The other ongoing problem is studio time, as the station is a training ground for students.  It's hard to match our schedules to theirs, especially as theirs seem to keep changing.  We're working on it, though, and -- now that we have some experience with the equipment -- we're trying to find blocks of recording time with no students around.  Sometimes, though, we still need a little help.  And when we do, it's usually the students who come to our rescue.  Big thanks to Dave, Dane, Dana, and Grant for their assistance in these early days.  Hopefully it all just gets better as we go.  Be sure to tune in Wednesday nights from 8-9 on WBSD and let us know how we're doing. We hope to have podcasts available in the near future.

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