Friday, February 29, 2008

UNSOLVED HISTORY - The Bermuda Triangle

Discovery Channel - Original Air Date: 2002-2005
A.K.A. Diving to the Bermuda Triangle

Another intriguing entry in the Unsolved History paranormal investigation series. One theory that might explain some of the disappearances is a sudden bubbling up of methane gas "frozen" in the bottom of the deep trenches within the Triangle. Experiments on this show prove both that large bubbles from the deep can sink ships and that methane clouds can confuse airplane instruments, which use pressure to determine altitude. They also prove that methane can also cause airplane engines to stall out. So, while there are no confirmed methane-caused sinkings or crashes, the theory does fit the MO of many Triangle disappearances. The show also investigate the mystery of Flight 19, and discovers 5 Avengers (the type of missing planes) on the bottom of the sea -- though these planes turn out to not be from the flight. (Though the show doesn't mention it, I believe the planes were later discovered to be part of a Navy dumping program -- though I don't have a concrete reference for that currently.) All in all, this show is a good presentation of a "natural" theory that might explain the Triangle disappearnces -- though most skeptics still believe the Triangle has no statistical significance.

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