Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SCARY BUT TRUE - Lighthouse, Ala. Sea Serpent, Dead Girl

SciFi - Original Air Date: 2006? Fox Reality

If you've been reading any of these reviews, you know that I'm not generally fond of shows that purport to be "true," and then have bad science to support their "facts." Not quite so bad are the "true" stories that just tell you about a scary experience; this show is mostly like that. The first story is of a teen spending a night "alone" in a haunted house; she's sleeping and starts hearing spooky sounds, and concludes it's really haunted. (No mention of the production crew "alone" in the house with her.) The second story is about a boy who went swimming and was chased by a strange creature (not an alligator). The third story "proves" the existence of a ghost using a "talking board" (Ouija). The participants take a spooky breeze (after a door is opened) and a Ouija message as proof of the legend. These are pretty typical spooky stories, with genuinely scared witnesses, but no attempt at any scientific inquiry. As such, they're suitable for telling around a campfire, but don't mistake them for science. And they're only "true" in the sense that any unsupported eyewitness story is true--though, since this is a Fox show, that's more proof than their news division would need.

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