Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DESTINATION TRUTH - Ghosts of Cannibal Village - Kapre

SyFy - Original Air Date: 7/17/12

In the Fijian village of Namutautau, missionaries were once slain by local cannibals; now the villager's descendants think they are being haunted by vengeful spirits.  Naturally, Josh & crew go to investigate, which, as usual, means talking to witnesses, goofing with locals, and, this time, not eating strange food.  (You never know who it might be.)  They catch a "strange light" (looks like a bug) in a cave where people were, according to lore, cooked.  Then they explore the proverbial haunted village and do 1-on-1 spook-out stakeouts (isolation sessions).  Liquid on an altar shows markers for human blood, people feel "touches" and we get the usual "weird" EVPs.  Plus the ax used to killed the missionary (still displayed in the ruins) falls over during the investigation without being touched -- apparently.  All in all, just another day at the ghost hunt -- but I remain skeptical.

Filipinos have claimed to be menaced by the towering Kapre since time gone by, so Josh & crew go to Manila, eat & goof with the locals, check out a Stargate-themed strip club (they don't get in), and head into the outback to talk to witnesses and find the beast.  They get some thermal hits on their cameras, and nearly run into something in the bushes.  An expert suggests a tarsir, which is much smaller than a kapre (bigfoot) in a tree, a wild pig in the grass, and a mystery animal in a daylight tree.  So, more fun exploration, but no real finds.

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