Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DESTINATION TRUTH - Vietnam's Bigfoot

SyFy - Original Air Date: 7/10/12

In this 5th season opener, Josh, Ryder, and crew head to the jungles of Vietnam to hunt for bigfoot.  There, they perform their usual rituals of meeting the locals, eating strange foods, and talking with local experts on the crypto-beast.  In the jungle, they hear "footsteps" and spot a fleeting figure on some of their cameras before losing it near a rapid river.  (And almost drowning.)  Stomping through the jungle, they find prints and take casts.  Stomping through a huge cave, they find more prints, but left the casting powder behind,  Annoyingly, they don't go back for those prints, which looked very clear in the video.  They don't catch the beast, though, and soon head back to the US to analyze what they've found.  They scan the prints into 3d and take all their evidence to Jeff Meldrum.  Of course, the cave prints are not clear enough to identify just from video.  ;-p  Meldrum, a well-known bigfoot researcher with reputable scientific credentials, concludes that Josh's cast along with the photos are the best evidence yet of an unrecognized species in the remote jungles of Vietnam ... the best evidence yet, short of finding the creature itself.  Josh declares it the most significant evidence to date of an unknown primate.

Another entertaining episode in perhaps the best of the "monster hunter" shows, DT certainly entertains me more than the rest, and occasionally they even find something strange.

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