Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DESTINATION TRUTH - Return to the Haunted Forest; Belize

SyFy - Original Air Date: 7/10/12

Josh & the DT team return to a famous haunted forest in Romania, where -- last time -- one of their camera crew was apparently knocked off his feet, and scratched, by an invisible force.  Now they've lured him back for a second go-round.  (Sounds like a set up for a "Don't do that!" horror movie, doesn't it?)  First, of course, they must fraternize with locals, eat strange food, and talk to local experts.  Supposedly, the haunted forest has only gotten worse since DT's incident.  Despite the fact that during the last time they tried to overfly the area, their plane's roof came off (literally), the try it again and spot the strange, treeless circle in the middle that seems to be the center of the activity.  And are forced out of the sky by sudden gusts of wind.  They spot mysterious "lights" on their IR cameras, find some weird "laughing" sounds on their EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings, and get scared by mysterious shadows.  Sitting in the mysterious circle, their cameraman gets a ringing in his ears and one of his ears is mysteriously bloodied.  (Though this might be nerves and disorientation, still, the team is spooked.

In Beliz, the Tata Duende is a small rat-like humanoid with powerful claws and a whistle-like cry that heralds its coming.  Local witnesses, food, experts follow -- as usual.  They tromp through the jungle and go swimming in a cave in the dark.  (As if all this wasn't dangerous enough in broad daylight.)  They hear strange sounds (howler monkeys), get spooked by unseen things in the water, and get a skull analyzed (not a primate), but find no real poof of the mythical creature.

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